Apac Hospital refurbished

Apac Hospital shines again

MORE than sh3 Billion have so far been injected in the mega renovation of Apac Hospital, in addition to new constructions of units.

Acting District Health Officer, Ocheng Leone noted that the general hospital has had phased renovations beginning with Children’s ward, Maternity ward , Female ward and Out-Patient Department. Others are constructions of a magnificent laboratory structure, expanded mortuary with a six-body fridge and a theatre. “But we have to source for funds for renovation of male ward and staff quarters,” he said.

NUSAF3 roads: Apac farmers get lucrative crop prices, Trading centres, small markets emerge

NUSAF3 roads attract markets for farmers

Local peasant farmers in Apac do not now need to travel to towns looking for market for their produce as buyers follow them in trading centres created along roads constructed under the Third Northern Uganda Social Action Fund.

NUSAF3 NDO, Jasper Otimoi noted that three road stretches of Abuli-Iwal, Malaba-Iwal and Obani-Malaba were constructed at a total cost of shs265 Million.

NUSAF3 benefits residents of Kwania

NUSAF3 opens community access roads in Kwania

Residents of Anwangi parish, Nambieso subcounty, Kwania district have every reason to smile as four community access roads have been constructed under NUSAF3 project.

Otimoi Jasper, NUSAF District Officer, Apac, said that produce buyers have started accessing the peasant farmers with their heavy trucks, resulting to attractive prices of crops. He was addressing a gathering during the commissioning of Ojokdot-Onekgwok road on 2nd September 2019.

Beat deadlines or we're dead, Chief tells staff

Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Wanje chairing a DTPC meeting at Planning Unit

Strictly adhere to deadlines, CAO tells staff

The Chief administrative Officer, Michael Wanje has encouraged technical staff to always adhere to deadlines while implementing government projects and activities.

“Nearly all Government activities have timelines, you either beat deadlines or we are dead as a District, “CAO said while presiding over a District Technical Planning Committee (DTPC) meeting at Planning Board Room on August 13th, 2019.

CAO calls for Team Building Spirit

CAOS Michael Wanje and Stella Abyeto during handover ceremony at Planning Unkit Board Room

CAO calls for Team building spirit


The Chief Administrative Officer, Apac, Mr Michael Wanje has called for a joint effort in the implemengation of government programmes and policies.

While addressing a Handover Meeting at Planning Unit, Mr Wanje noted that it is important for team spirit building by both political and civic leaders of Apac district local government. "For teh district mission and objectives to be achieved, we must work together, avoid backstabbing, causing hatred or stress," he said.

Health facilities and Services revamped

Technical Team

Apac Health services revamped in

District Chairman, Bob Okae, has every reason to smile as the District Health department has a long list of performance achievements including male circumcision of several youth and adults across the district.

While addressing a District Council Meeting at Scouts hall, Okae noted that using the Central Government releases, the District rehabilitated and refurbished the mortuary block at Apac Hospital.

“The Mortuary block has been installed with a six-body fridge, standby solar system,” he said amidst applause from councilors.

NUSAF3 builds roads in Aduku Town Council

NUSAF3 Roads Commissioned

NUSAF3 builds Aduku Town Council roads

MORE than shs 126 Million have been spent on opening Community Access Roads in Aduku Town Council under the Third Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF3) project.

Apac District NUSAF3 Desk Officer, Jasper Otimoi said that the projects that used labour-based graveled three road sections of the Town Council. He was addressing leaders and beneficiary community members during a commissioning function at Adyeda.

Apac Women Leaders swear in

The Chief Administrative Officer, Stella Abyeto, has advised leaders to mobilise rural and urban women to form groups in order for them access government programmes and projects. She said that most women are bread winners of homes as they topilin gradens and doing domestic chores as men spend time for leisure and drinking. The CAO was addressing District Women Council leaders during a swearing in ceremony held at District sPeaker's office on 25th Septmber 2018.