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Apac became a District in 1974 after getting curved out of the then Lango District. Oyam, Kole, and Kwania Districts were curved out of Apac in 2006, 2010 & 2018 respectively. Apac also gave birth to Apac Municipality in July 2016. Apac is located in the Northern Region of Uganda. The headquarters are situated in Apac Municipality, Apac is located in Northern Uganda, approximately 250km from Kampala the Capital City.

Apac lies North of Lake Kyoga and borders the district of Masindi in the West, Kwania in the East, Oyam in the North and Nakasongola in the south.

The district has a population of over 282,465 people, and total households of 54,752.

Main Language;

The main language spoken in the District is Lango.

Economic Activities

Agriculture with main emphasis on food crops such as Millet, Cassava, Cow Pease, Potatoes, Beans, Simsim and Sunflower. Cash crops include, cotton, Sunflower & Soya beans. Vegetables such as Onions, Tomatoes, cabbages. There is also fishing on Lake Kyoga.


Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd & Centenary Bank.

Transport Network

A well distributed feeder-road network links most parts of the districts. The district is linked by a tarmac road to Masindi, Gulu and Lira City. In the South, there is a water transport linking Apac to Nakasongola and Soroti District.

Tourist Attractions

There are unexploited tourism opportunities in the District. Lake Kyoga, Lake Bisina and Lake Kwania have tourism potential, but there is no infrastructure to cater for tourism in the district. Maruzi Ranch (Natural Attraction) and Hill Side Palm plantations (Agro-tourism), the later Apolo Milton Obote’s grave, Olum’s footprint on Ibuje Hill among other tourism potential sites.

The Policy Making Organ

Apac District Council is the supreme organ at the District, under the leadership of the District Chairperson, Executive Committee of 3 members and 4 Policy/Sectoral Committees. They deliberate on the Sectoral policy matters and make recommendations to the full Council of 28 Councilors (Male & Female).

The Sectoral Committees include:

·       Finance, Planning and Administration.

·       Education, Health and Sanitation.

·       Works, Technical and Community Based Services.

·       Production, Marketing and Natural Resources.    

Statutory Bodies 

Apac District has statutory bodies whoes roles and responsibilities are to ensure effective and efficient service delivery. The bodies include:

·       District Contracts Committee

·       District Public Accounts Committee

·       District Service Commission

·       District Land Board

A Contracts Committee comprising of appointed Technical Officers replaced the District Tender Board according to the Local Governments Amendment Act 2006.

Office of the Resident District Commissioner

RDC represents the President in the District and ensures that both National and Local priorities are given due consideration and are implemented in an accountable manner.

Lower Local Governments

Apac has a Municipality that have Municipal Council, Sub counties/Divisions, Parishes/Wards and villages/Cells have councils and executive committees, which coordinate the various functions.