Apac District has got a number of Natural Physical features that are fit for tourist attraction to the area which include water bodies, hills, animals, reptiles and birds.

Landing sites

Apac District has 9 Landing sites such as Kiga, Wansolo, Apalamio & Wigweng in Apoi Sub County, Akokoro Main, Kayei in Akokoro Town Council and Acholi Inn, Kwibale & Kampala Kagoi in Akokoro Sub County.

The nine Landings site are deemed to be fit for tourism especially study and travel tourism as they are enriched with beautiful sceneries, birds, fish types, different fishing gears and different fish preservation methods. The landing sites are fit for boat/ canoe cruise, bird watching, sport fishing and scenic viewing.

Masindi Port River

Masindi Port River is a navigation point connecting Apac District and Masindi District. The port is located at Waitumba, Aganga Parish in Ibuje Sub County. It has a ferry and several boat/canoes used in water transport, also good for boat cruise, site viewing and bird watching.

Nile Rivers (Kungu & Palango)

The Nile Rivers boarder the District on the Western side, has beautiful sceneries, different fish types and beautiful birds. They are fit for navigation and scenic viewing, also boat cruise, bird watching and sport fishing is applicable.

Maruzi Ranges

Apac District is blessed with different beautiful rocks found on hills located at the Western direction from the District Headquarters. The Hills found at the Sub Counties of Ibuje & Akokoro (Ibuje & Akokoro Rocks). They have been confirmed as ideal places for scenic viewing, hill hiking among others.