Historical, Cultural & Religious Sites


Tyen Olum (Olum’s footprint)

This is an historical ground found at the foot of Ibuje hill at Ibuje Town Council with footprints believed to be that of a travelor in the name of Olum, his family and the pet (dog). It’s believed that they used that point as a stopover to relax.

Since the rock is at the foot of the hill and near to the river, it can be used for tourism with activities like nature walks, hiking, camping and scenic viewing.

Obote’s Tomb

This is the home and tomb of the first Executive Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda located at Akokoro Town Council, Apac.

The place is an historical site where visitors can interest themselves to stop by and pay respect to the fallen President.

Obote brief history

Apollo Milton Obote was born in December 28, 1924, Akokoro village, Akokoro, Apac-Uganda. He died in October 10, 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Obote was a politician who led his Uganda to independence in 1962 and was the prime minister (1962–1970) and twice President (1966–1971, 1980–1985) of Uganda, but his two terms in office (both of which were ended by military coups) were consumed by struggles between Uganda’s Northern and Southern ethnic groups.

Kungu Jubilee

The Jubilee is located in Kungu Parish, Akokoro Sub County. It’s where Christians believe to the point which Christianity enter through to Lango Sub Region. Christians use this place for pilgrimage and good for faith based tourism.