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Uganda is a democratic republic with a governance system comprising of National and Local Governments. The Constitution provides for a system of Decentralization and Local Governments, which is further consolidated in the Local Governments Act 1997 (Cap. 243). In urban settings, there are city, municipal, division/town, ward and cell councils. In rural areas, there are District Councils, Counties (which are Administrative units without a Council), Sub-County Councils, Parish Councils and Village Councils.

Apac District is headed by an elected Council comprising of the District Chairperson as the political head with an Executive Committee of 3 members drawn from the elected councilors of the 6 Sub-Counties and 2 Town Councils. The Council conducts business through four policy /sectorial committees that deliberate policy matters and make recommendations to the full council.

The Sectoral Committees include:

·       Finance, Planning & Administration.

·       Works, Technical and Community Based Services.

·       Education, Health and Sanitation.

·       Production, Marketing, Trade, Industry and Natural Resources.

Statutory Bodies 

There are also statutory bodies, which are mandated by law to carry out specific roles and responsibilities to ensure effective and efficient service delivery. These include:

·       District Contracts Committee

·       District Public Accounts Committee

·       District Service Commission

·       District Land Board

A Contracts Committee comprising of appointed Technical Officers replaced the District Tender Board according to the Local Governments Amendment Act 2006.

Office of the Resident District Commissioner

It represents the President in the District and ensures that both National and Local priorities are given due consideration and are implemented in an accountable manner.

The district is currently made up of one Municipality and 2 Counties. Maruzi and Maruzi North Counties made up of 12 Lower Local Governments.

Lower Local Governments

The Municipality, Municipal Council, Sub counties/Divisions, Parishes/Wards and villages/Cells have councils and executive committees, which coordinate the various functions.