Systematic Land Adjudication and Certification sensitization meetings in Apac

Monday November, 27th to Friday December 1st, 2023, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development together with GIS Transport Ltd conducted Community sensitization meetings in preparation for the implementation of Systematic Land Adjudication and Certification (SLAAC) under Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project-Additional Funding (CEDP-AF).

The meetings were held in 8 Parishes from the three Sub Counties of Akokoro, Apoi and Chegere beginning with the entry meeting held at the District Headquarters to introduce the implementation programme to the District stakeholders.

Mr. Okae Julius Peter, the Principal Assistant Secretary at MLHUD Lira Zonal Office said it is important for the Community of Apac to embrace the project since greater percentage of the cost for processing the title is covered by the Government.

“Initially people would process the title in millions and the whole process would go up to Entebbe but now everything will be done in Lira and at a cheaper cost of which you should welcome it with open hands,” Okae said.

Ms. Judith Angwec, the Principal Surveyor at MLHUD explained the importance of the freehold title that the communities shall receive and reasons why they should take it serious.   

Angwec said the title shall help in land security, add value to the land, and improve land ownership since the land can’t only be marked with trees and swamps. She also advised the Community with Customary Land Certificates to also pick the form and apply for the freehold certificates.

“You can only claim the land belongs to you if you have a certificate of ownership, without that you cannot claim that the land is yours and most of you have National ID and Government wants you to have the Certificate to serve the same purpose as National ID.

She warned Area Land Committee members and Village Chairpersons against extortion of money from the community members especially elderly, widows and PWDs during the implementation process and said their pay will come after the exercise.   

The meetings were held in the Parishes of Akokoro & Awila in Akokoro Sub County, Amun & Ayago in Apoi Sub County and Kidilani, Adem, Atigolwok and Chegere in Chegere Sub County. Sub County Chairpersons, SAS, Parish Chiefs, All members of the Area Land Committees, All Chairpersons LC1 in a Parishes and Community members attended the meetings.

Chairpersons LC1 were advised to be mindful of the plans produce by the Rapid Physical Planning Appraisal (RaPPA) team during the process.