Ministry of Public Service inspects Apac District Local Government

On 24/02/2021, a team of officers from the Ministry of Public Service and other Inspectorate Agencies inspected Apac District Local Government. The objective of the inspection excercise were to;

1. Promote compliance with service delivery standards, rules, regulations, values, systems and procedures.

2. Offer technical support supervision to facilitate improved service delivery.

3. Establish the status of implementation of the planned activites in Apac DLG.

4. Examine the level of progress made on the implementation of Government programs in order to inform the relevant stakeholders so that they can take appropriate action.

5. Strengthen and harmonize inspection of Local Government with specific regard to areas indicated in the Joint Inspection Manual.

6. Promote healthy competition among Government Institiutions leading to improved service delivery.

7. Promote citizens' participation in Government programs and demand for accountability.

8. Identify the challenges/ risks faced in the implementation of programs and propose recommendations.