Information sharing, joint efforts & monitoring and evaluation, tools for fighting HIV/AIDs, ADAC

Since the first case of HIV/AIDs in Rakai, Uganda in 1982 at the shores of Lake Victoria, the virus has remained substantial within high-risk groups like sex workers, Landing site fisher-folks and a rural clinical cohort.

Apac District AIDs Coordination Committee (ADAC) yesterday 24th July, 2023 convened in a meeting at the DHO’s Boardroom to analyze the level of danger at the District, most vulnerable age group, high risked areas, new strategies and way forward.  

About 8,100 HIV cases have been reported in Apac according the Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) putting the fourth in Lango Sub Region, Lira City was 1st with 19,600 cases followed by Oyam with 14,300 cases.

Mr. Etii Tom, Coordinator Public Sector, UAC when presenting the Uganda AIDs Commission Regulations, 2022, advocates for information empowerment on HIV/AIDs by both Local Government and Partners in order to tackle the virus.

He added that focus should be on prevention through information sharing which will enable the District AIDs Coordination Committee to identify high risk places.

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer-Muboki Paul advised the Committee to put emphasis on young children which is not necessarily suppression but character change. This calls for a joint effort involving the Community Department and Health.  

He added that the fight for HIV needs inclusion of the social pertinent and we have to concentrate on prevention than treatment. This can be achieved by taking into consideration the character change aspect which requires Communication, team work and reports from partners.

The committee anonymously resolved to educate youth on HIV/AIDs prevention since they are the most vulnerable groups, joint efforts, and focusing on prevention than cure.