Hon. Nelson Okello advise Apac Officials to properly us the 1 billion road fund money

During the District Roads Committee meeting held on Tuesday 22nd August, 2023 at the Planning Unit Boardroom, Hon. Okello Nelson, DRC-Chairperson and the Member of Parliament for Maruzi North Constituency advised District and Municipal Officials to use the 1 billion Road fund money carefully.

While chairing the meeting, Hon. Okello said the money has come with a guideline and it is for road rehabilitation but not opening new roads.

“I would advise you to use this money carefully so that you don’t fall into trap, every quarter all Districts shall be receiving shs 250,000,000/= which Parliament tasked the Committee of Physical Infrastructure to revise the guidelines then District Roads Committee to sit down and guide on how the money will be spent,”  Okello said.

He advised the District Engineer to select the most critical roads to work on with this money citing Alenga-Kungu which is the shortest route Waitumba (Masindi Port)

The Ag. District Engineer, Aguma Tom Edward presented the list of roads selected for rehabilitation;

  • Quarter 1- Olomunu          -Atigolwok-Ongica (10km) –shs. 140m

                                             -Alworoceng-Awiri (9.6km) -144m        Q1-shs. 62.5m

                                                                                                         Q2-shs. 80.5m

  • Quarter 2-Atar-Omer        -Kwania boarder (12km)           –shs. 120m
  • Quarter 3-Akokoro SS      -Chawente boarder (17km) shs. 170   Q3-shs. 110m

                                                                                                    Q4-shs. 60m

                                          -Awila-Olelpek (24km) –shs. 240m    Q3-shs. 95m

                                                                                                    Q4-shs. 145m


Other roads that shall be worked on in this FY 2023/2024 by the District Works Department as presented by District Engineer are;

  • Miciri B-Alado PS
  • Ayago-Apoi-Apalamio
  •  Alenga-Kungu
  •  Abutaber-Atigolwok-Ilee
  •  Ololango-Barodilo
  •  Aluga-Idor-Alya-Akokoro SS
  •  Corner Amii-Ayumi-Ayago Market

Other roads at the District are maintained by the Uganda National Roads Authority and shall be worked on this FY 2023/2024 according to Anthony Okucu Tweny, Regional Manager UNRA Lira Office.
Okucu said some of the roads are already being worked on like Kidilani-Atura-Atapara and others shall follow.
The roads include;

  • Kidilani-Atura-Atapara,
  • Apac-Chegere,
  • Aduku-Teboke-Loro
  • Amii-Kidilani.