Apac DLG hands over Motorcycles to extension staff

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/Apac Mr. Muboki Paul advises the Extension staff to guard the Motorcycles they received and cautioned them against reckless usage saying it was procured to improve service delivery not only at the Production Department but the entire District.

This communication was made during the time of handing over the four motorcycles to the extension staff at the Department of Production & Marketing today Friday 31/5/2024 at the District Headquarters.

According to the Production and Marketing Coordinator/Apac Dr. James Ongu Elim, the motorcycles were procured using the 52 million funds received from the Production & Marketing Grand (PMG) (28m) and Agriculture Extension Funds (24m) sent to the District in the FY 2023/2024.

Ongu added that from the 52 million received, part of it was used to procure the four Motorcycles and the remain balance was used to procure one Grinding Mill which is yet to be given out to the beneficiaries.

"All these were done to improve on the Agricultural production and value addition on the Agricultural products," Ongu said.

The Officers pledged for dedication and commitment during the implementation of Government Programmes as they receive the Motorcycle as it was quite hard to reach to the distance farmers in time without the transport means but from today, they shall give the essential backing needed in Agricultural production to the farmers within Apac.

The handover was witnessed by the District Leader of Government Business Mr. Odongo Tonny Jaspher, the District Production Coordinator Dr. James Ongu Elim, District Agricultural Officer Ms. Betty Okori, Chairperson Production Mr. Obace Benard, Marketing and Natural Resources Committee and members, Internal Auditor Mr. Opio Paul Boi and the staff of the Production Department.