Uganda Independence Day

Uganda gained her independence on October 9th 1962. Since 1894 she was a British protectorate that was put together from some very organized kingdoms and chieftaincies that inhabited the lake regions of central Africa.
By 1959, Uganda had 16 districts and at the time of independence in 1962 one more district was created. In 1945 Uganda divided into four provinces of Buganda, Eastern, Northern and Western. The provinces were sub-divided into districts In 1962: Uganda became independent on October 9.

Tarehe Sita Day

Tarehe Sita is the day the Ugandan army marks the attack on Kabamba barracks in 1981, which essentially launched the five-year guerrilla war that eventually brought NRM to power in 1986.

Although the day is born out of unfortunate circumstances, the outcome of the war is worth celebrating in as far as we now have an army that most Ugandans are proud of.