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Apac tours Kabarole



Apac became a district in 1974 curved out of the then Lango District. Oyam and Kole districts were curved out of Apac in July 2006 and 2010 respectively; essentially to enhance service delivery to the communities

Apac District is located in Northern Uganda, approximately 250 km (direct) from Kampala. It lies between longitudes 32o E and 34o E and latitudes 2o N and 3o N. It is bordered by the Districts of Kole in the North, Dokolo in the East, Masindi in the West and Amolatar District in the South through Lakes Kwania and Kyoga respectively. The District covers a total area of 2,847 km2 of which 11 % is under open water while 15% is under forests leaving 76% for human settlement. Arable land covers 1,800 km2.


The remote district of Apac in the Lango sub-region shot to the limelight when it produced two national leaders Рthe late former president Milton Obote and the late former prime minister Cosmos Adyebo. The people of Apac not only pride themselves in having made significant contribution to Uganda’s political development through the their two sons, but they also boast that the area is the seat of the Paramount Chief of Lango, Yosam Odur-Ebii. However, despite all its historical, political and cultural achievements, Apac is like a neglected homestead. The district is virtually
cut off from the rest of the region for poor accessibility. All the main roads leading to the district are almost impassable.

A journey that used to be a one-hour drive on the Lira-Apac Road now takes over three hours. Bridges have been washed away, there are numerous potholes on the main roads some big enough to pass for small ponds when it rains.

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