Apac elects 6 new LC5 Councilors

Apac elects 6 new LC5 Councilors


After seceding of the Kwania County from Apac District from 1st July 2018, to form a new District, Apac has elected 6 more LC5 councilors making a total of 21 District Councilors.

While addressing District Council meeting at Scouts Hall on 4th October 2018, District Speaker, Peter Obong Acuda announced that most of the new councilors represent Divisions from Apac Municipal Council, Apac and  Akokoro subcounties.

Obong named the councilors as Awany Andrew (Atik ), Otim Malakwang Geoffrey(Arocha), Odur Fred Keziron( Akere), Veronica Opimu(Akere and Agulu), Amono Monica and Aromorach Susan from Apac and Akokoro subcounties respectively.

The Speaker urged the coujciloors to embrace team spirit for purposes of making lawful council decisions that usher in development for the community.

In attendance were District Chairman, Bob Okae, Resident District Commissioner, Akello Akori Beatrice and Stella Abyeto, Chief administrative Officer.